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Handling & Shipping Terms

​These terms are to be read in conjunction with the Terms & Conditions page of this website. 

  1. The Frozen Semen shall be shipped in a liquid nitrogen “Vapour Shipper” at the Purchaser expense.

  2. KOP shall ship the Frozen Semen in a viable condition  the Australian Shipping Agent.

  3. The Australian Shipping Agent shall be liable for storing, packing and shipping the Frozen Semen in a viable condition to the Purchaser.

  4. KOP holds no responsibility for shipping errors, misrouting or mistreatment of the Vapour Shipper by the Australian Shipping Agent or the local shipping company.

  5. All transportation and insurance costs for the Frozen Semen and Vapour Shipper shall be the responsibility of the Purchaser.

  6. The Purchaser is responsible for payment to the Australian Shipping Agent of all transportation and Vapour Shipper hire fees prior to shipment of the Frozen Semen. No semen shall be shipped until all fees have been paid. The Australian Shipping Agent’s standard terms and charges are available upon request.

  7. KOP and the Australian Shipping Agent are not responsible for damage howsoever caused to the Frozen Semen once it has left the Australian Shipping Agent’s premises.

  8. The Purchaser is responsible for returning unused Frozen Semen straws in a viable condition to the Australian Shipping Agent. KOP shall not be responsible for the transportation charges for the return of unused straws to the Australian Shipping Agent’s premises.

  9. Use and management of the Frozen Semen is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser and his/her Veterinary Surgeon. 

  10. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to procure liquid nitrogen storage (short term or long term) of the Frozen Semen. 

  11. The Frozen Semen must be transferred immediately from the Vapour Shipper into a viable liquid nitrogen Storage Tank and the Vapour Shipper returned to the Australian Shipping Agent.

  12. The Purchaser understands that failure to transfer the Frozen Semen within 24 hours of receipt may jeopardise the viability and quality of the Frozen Semen for which KOP take no responsibility. 

  13. The Purchaser further understands that the Frozen Semen must be transferred very quickly from the Vapour Shipper to the Storage Tank and must not remain out of liquid nitrogen for more than eight (8)seconds.

  14. KOP assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred to the mare. 

  15. The Purchaser assumes all responsibility for the condition of the mare and shall bear all risk of loss or damage to the Mare whether by death, disease, injury, infection or other cause. The Purchaser further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless KOP and the Stallion Owner for any and all damages and/or liability.

  16. Payment of the deposit will secure the semen for the purchaser upon its arrival in Australia or New Zealand. The semen will be delivered to Australian Agent free of all fees and charges.

  17. On payment of the balance of the purchase price the semen will be available for delivery to the purchaser, at your expense. 

  18. The Purchaser will be notified and freight arrangements should be organized at this time by the Purchaser. 

  19. The Frozen Semen cannot be transferred to a third party without the prior written agreement of KOP.

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